Buying basics in Galicia


This is the second post (at the moment) that #ittaGalciia real estate writes in english, in fact I apologize for my english.

Buying properties basics in Galicia

The basics you need to know to buy a property in Galicia, northwestern Spain.

There are no restrictions for home buyers in Spain, however, if you are not a citizen you must obtain a tax identification number. Ask me about the Golden Visa program (you can access the post “Golden Visa Spanish Properties 2018” by clicking in the link), which would allow you to be a Spanish resident as long as you invest at least 500,000 euros to buy a property, before taxes.

All property sales must go through a notary. Attorneys are not necessary, but some brokers recommend them.

The cost associated with the sale is between 10 and 12% of the total sale. These costs correspond to the settlement of taxes, notary fees, property registration, etc.

The agent’s commission is paid by the seller. It is usually between 3 and 7% depending on the agent or agency.

Please read “Compraventa de una vivienda cuando el comprador o el vendedor es extranjero o no residente en España” is in spanish, but you can use a translator.

Our currency is the European one, the euro (€). You can use currency exchange programs to know the cost of properties in other currencies, dollars, pounds, etc.

The official language in Galicia is Spanish and Galician (autochthonous language).

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